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Thanks :)

Submitted by Mamie - Highlands Ranch, CO 9:20:10 AM

I just wanted to drop you a few lines telling you how much I appreciate your Gluten Free menu! I

Thank You!!!

Submitted by Steve W. 9:17:34 AM

First of all I would like to thank Garlic Jim’s for offering GF products, they taste GREAT and it’s worth paying a little more for also. And second, I would like to say thank you to the manager, Dave. He was a great help and really seemed to care. Thanks Again Garlic Jim’s you’re the best.

Awesome G/F Pizza !

Submitted by Donna 9:16:05 AM

Thank you Garlic Jim’s for your delicious G/F pizzas. They are well worth the 270 mile drive. I look forward to the time when you have a shop in San Diego County

GF crust

Submitted by Carrie 9:14:52 AM

Awesome crust! I’ve even got my “non-gluten” friends and fiance to join in on this treat! Thanks for making something so tasty; like all the other reviews say: it’s been so long since I’ve had pizza & this is truly a treat!


Submitted by Kumar 8:23:27 AM

I’ve been aware of my gluten sensitivity for a long time now, and have developed a keen longing for things like good pizza. In all, I’ve had 5 other products to this effect: 3 frozen food brands, and a couple of different sit-in eateries. All of their crusts had the same problem: the flavor of the crust inevitably reminds you that you are eating something DIFFERENT than NORMAL pizza. Not so with Garlic Jim’s! First, I have to say it was awesome to be able to order a regular variety pizza, and not be limited in toppings (we got a 1/2 Gourmet Garlic, 1/2 Spinach Pie). Second, the pizza looked wonderful- I had to take a picture. Thin crust with a nice gradient to a dark edge. Third, The place actually MARKETS their gluten-freeness, both at the website, and with banners hanging outside the store (again had to take a picture). I never would have imagined this. Finally, the taste was excellent-very much like a traditional thin crust. Even the part without toppings was delicious, with just enough oily goodness. I can’t say enough about this pizza! I was visiting my bro in Olympia, and pizza seemed like a good post-hike thing. I had no idea that there was a place in nearby Lacey that would be this good! Thank you so much!!!!

Gluten Free Pizza

Submitted by Anonymous 3:34:44 PM

Thank you very much for offering a gluten free pizza choice. My husband loves the “real” pizza, and I am very happy to have GF pizza. It is truly wonderful that you are offering celiacs a pizza choice. This is one of the items I thought I was going to have to give up when I gave up Gluten. We love your GF pizza!

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